budget-friendly rides in Alexandria

Alexandria, whether you’re an Alexandrian or not you can’t deny that it’s a magical city but is the transportation and routes in Alexandria as magical as the city itself?


You’re here for a week and you want to see all that the city’s got to offer and you want to know how you can get around because let’s face it no one wants to just uber everywhere so you need to know exactly where to go and which places to see so you can soak every ounce of magical vibe Alexandria’s got to offer so let’s go over some places that you must see if you’re in Alexandria.

1. Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Let’s face it if you’re thinking about Alexandria the first thing that often comes to mind is Bibliotheca Alexandria, built in 2002 to honor the Great Library of Alexandria, which burned down back in the 1st century and the modern library may not be as important and rich as its predecessor yet it’s still a major cultural center that includes three museums, four art galleries, a planetarium and a laboratory where they rescue and fix old manuscripts. They didn’t leave the kids behind, of course, as they have a designated section filled with children’s books yup Alexandria leaves nothing to chance. It doesn’t matter if you’re there with kids, friends or just by yourself, all ages can explore that magnificent cultural center, to say the least.

2. Fort Qaitbey.

The oldest guardian of Alexandria this fort has been standing there guarding Alexandria’s eastern harbor since 1430 yup you read that number right it’s been there for a long time and it shall remain.


Fort Qaitbey was built by Mamluk Sultan Qaitbey fortifying this important Egyptian port from attack, some rubble from the toppled lighthouse one of the seven wonders of the ancient world was used in its construction so you’re not just visiting a fort in Alexandria you’re taking a glimpse of history that’s been frozen in time.

3. Montaza Palace Gardens.

A place once off-limits to everyone but the royal court, now a place for tranquility and peace of mind, originally a hunting lodge that was built by Khedive Abbas Hilmi back in the 1890s later extended substantially by King Fuad now a haven for tall palm trees and trimmed lawns, so if you’re tired of how stressful and loud a life in the city can be Alexandria offers a getaway from the city within the city.

4. Stanley Bridge

I know it might sound a bit cliché for Alexandrian’s as they probably go back and forth over Stanley bridge at least once every couple of days yet going over that bridge or even just standing there or taking a walk while viewing those amazing panoramic views of the Mediterranean can be breathtaking, that 400 meters bridge is simply a perfect mood changer.

5. Ancient Roman Amphitheater.

Believe it or not, that place was nothing but ancient ruble and no one gave it much thought until back in 1947 the government decided to clear the site to make space for new housing. Instead, a whole area of Roman architectural excellence was revealed. Yes, that beauty was slept on for quite some time but lucky for us we can enjoy those remnants of history anytime we feel like it.

6. Serapeum of Alexandria

Dedicated to Serapis, the temple of Serapeum is one of many religious centers in Alexandria. 

It was mostly destroyed by the Romans back in 391 CE yet a few of the original pieces remain like the Pompey’s Pillar, Serapeum of Alexandria is definitely worth a visit for its historical importance.

7. Royal Jewelry Museum

One thing for sure about the royal family they know how to turn class into art, formerly the palace of the Egyptian royal family, the Royal jewelry museum is a piece of art hidden in a city rich in history, you will find nearly 11,000 items in that museum that were left behind by the royal family after the Egyptian revolution in 1952, this place is where you want to be if you like art, history or even want to take a good picture for the gram.

8. El Raml Station

Whether you’re looking to have your morning coffee or enjoy a night out or you just want to go for a walk around the city or get a taste of some Italian food this is where you want to be a place you will never get bored of due to all the spots you can visit in El Raml Station.

And that is just a glimpse of what the city’s got to offer, but how can you visit all those places, that question will take us to what Alexandrians fear most and no it’s not another one of Marwan Pablo’s retirement it’s being stuck in traffic lights 


Alexandria is a fast city that’s why the city offers multiple yet simple transportations, Alexandria’s traffic lights can be brutal sometimes yet it’s never complicated. You can easily reach any place you want to be in Alexandria via the Cornish Road.

Yes, even transportation has a view when you’re in Alexandria, yet it’s not always that simple. Sometimes the Cornish road is simply unbearable at times even the view can’t compensate for how traffic jams can get sometimes so you go for the alternative.


Abu Qir road, let’s agree that Abu Qir road is not the best choice most times as it’s mostly jammed 24/7 yet there’s nothing faster than that road in the morning while everyone is busy taking the Cornish road going to work, we can just take the easy way out yup you heard me taking the easy way can sometimes help you reach your destination faster so once you get used to the city you can just go around the traffic like it doesn’t even exist so yes I’d say that transportation in Alexandria is as magical as the city itself.


So instead of making you memorize all the routes and which ones to take, and giving you a headache by memorizing Alexandria’s rush hours. 

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