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About Qruz Business

B2B Transportation

Qruz uses advanced AI, and the latest tech to organize and optimize the daily transportation of any number of employees offering best value.

Our customized App Tech business rental programs are designed specifically to meet company’s transportation needs from Vans, Buses, and Cars while saving time and money.

You will never have to worry about the work place punctuality anymore.


1. Employee Transportation Management

2. Qruz Fleet Management

With our Qruz Fleet Management System you will have total control over your operation.

Everything from Absence, Pickup History, Trip History, Accounting, and more!

With Qruz partners and admin dashboard and the extraordinary fleet management system you will be able to control trip for your organization, monitor the route and passengers status (present/absent) and do much more!

With our FREE fleet management system, you can:


Trip Histories, and Details
Pick-up, and Drop-off Histories, and Details
Top Speed, and Geo-history


Inconsistencies, and gaps in operation

Create, and Generate:

Optimized Routing
Invoices, and Transactions
Statistics, and Data


A true mobility partner
Extensive supply network
Dedicated team

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