Qruz fleet management system

The Importance of Fleet Management Systems

Fleet management is the process that is used by companies to monitor their fleet of motor vehicles. It involves a variety of tasks i.e. tracking vehicles, vehicle maintenance, tracking costs, and storing all the important data about both the driver and the vehicle. 

The purpose of fleet management is to reduce costs, improve efficiency and productivity, stay compliant, and improve customer satisfaction.

Fleet management covers two distinct areas, the drivers and the vehicles. It is used to collect data while the vehicle is in service. Subsequently, the data is analyzed to reveal areas that need improvements so that adjustments can be made in real-time.

Benefits of Fleet management systems:

1. Real-time supervision

This is the most important benefit of fleet management systems. You’ll be able to monitor your vehicles in real-time. At the tip of your finger, you can find out whether the vehicle reached the customer or is on the way. Also, you can know whether your driver is working or just idling by.

This feature will give you access to the engine status of the vehicle, receive alerts of the vehicle’s movement and define geographical areas in which the vehicle could or could not reach. Moreover, the system will also inform you which vehicles are on the road and which are not. Therefore, you can measure the trip duration more accurately. Thus, you can improve the quality of your service and your customer satisfaction.

2. Saving time

With a good fleet management system, information can be obtained anytime and anywhere. You only have to enter the required data into the system and it will arrange the right schedule for your vehicles and drivers.

Furthermore, your staff time to make reports will also decrease. The fleet management system will take care of your needed reports so that you and your team can focus on other crucial and productive things.

3. Higher Timeliness

A transportation company relies heavily on punctuality to increase customer satisfaction. However, customer satisfaction will be difficult to achieve if you still manage your company’s fleet manually. 

The fleet management system will automatically inform the drivers of their work schedule and the best routes to take in terms of traffic and efficiency.

4. Driver Management

The fleet management system will help improve your driver’s profile and improve customer satisfaction by providing data about the driver and the vehicle which gives your customers a sense of extra comfort and safety. In addition to efficient route planning and accurate dispatching. Subsequently, this ensures that there is open communication between dispatch and drivers.

5. Reducing costs

Fleet management systems will help reduce your overall costs as the system covers and monitors multiple key areas automatically. E.g. The system can calculate the accurate distance traveled by the vehicle. This way, you can measure the exact amount of money you have to spend on petrol thus reducing fuel costs. Moreover, it helps you increase efficiency and productivity by allowing your staff to do other productive things.

6. Reporting modules

Fleet management systems provide accurate reports of fuel consumption and costs, vehicle maintenance, license renewals, profit margins, and any other required data you wish to extract. You’ll have access to all the crucial information which will help you improve and adjust your business model to achieve maximum productivity and profitability.

In conclusion,

Not just increasing efficiency and productivity, but the improvement of your business’ image is one among many benefits you can notice. Improving your business’ image brings loyal customers to your door. Furthermore, you’ll have a high potential to bring in new customers thanks to the word-of-mouth marketing by your customers.

Are you still considering whether the investment you have to spend to buy the system is equal to the potential benefits? The answer is yes!

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